Stabilizing a Life After Prison.  We helped a man secure a place to live, transportation, clothing, and food after serving 29 years in prison.  Unable to land permanent employment due to his past, we helped him establish a one-man lawn care business to cover his living expenses.  Further, we helped him apply for his stimulus check.

Securing a Better Job for Low Wage Earner.  We subsidized a man’s rent for three months because his work as a day laborer was sporadic. Finally, we supplied him with the work tools he needed to qualify for hanging drywall for a different commercial construction company. The move doubled his pay. We also provided clothing, work boots, a prepaid phone and minutes, and a bicycle that eventually replaced the monthly bus passes we provided.

Helping Man Recover After Being Hit by Car.  We became a homeless man’s surrogate family, making all medical, legal, and financial decisions after he was hit by a car as he walked on the sidewalk in downtown Ft. Pierce.  The young female driver fell asleep at the wheel.  After being in ICU for weeks, undergoing ten surgeries, and weeks in rehab, the man has been transferred to the home of a volunteer, where we set up a hospital room to aid in his long road to recovery. We are also pursuing his Social Security Disability case as well as his legal case. 

Assisting Widow After Husband Killed.  Five men, who scrap metal for a living, were riding in a truck when they were hit by a young driver. The three men in the cab of the truck were unharmed, but the woman driver and one of the men in the bed of the truck were taken to the hospital. The other man in the truck, the breadwinner of his family, was thrown from the truck bed. He was killed on impact. Two weeks later, his widow asked The Ephraim Project to determine if the family’s only car, an SUV, was drivable. It wasn’t. The ministry had it repaired so she would have transportation.   

Aiding a Refugee Fleeing Syria.  The Ephraim Project helped refugee who fled war-torn Syria and who was found sleeping outside St. George Orthodox Church. We helped provide for his needs while he slept on the floor of the church’s Fellowship Hall.  After he finally secured a job as a pharmacy technician and a room within a private home, Ephraim paid his security deposit and the first two months' rent. We also furnished his room, providing a bed, dresser, nightstand, and linens.  Additionally, we supplied funds to title and tag his car so he would have transportation to and from work.  After searching for a lawyer to help him become an American citizen, Catholic Charities agreed to take on his case.

Overseeing the Operations of Two Residential Homes for Homeless Men with AIDS or HIV Virus.  In addition to assuring that both homes are clean and safe and at full capacity, that all bills are paid, and the residents are following all house rules, The Ephraim Project helped one house manager win his Social Security Disability case, presumptuously (i.e., receive a stipend for six months until a final determination can be made).  We also lobbied for and won six months of Medicaid for this person, which allowed him to receive the medical attention he needed—cataract surgery on both eyes, dental surgery, and medication for his high blood pressure and edema.  We assisted in setting up and keeping all 12 medical appointments.  We also helped him apply for his stimulus check.

Repaired Her Home on Wheels.  A woman who lost her home in the middle of the pandemic and who made a deliberate choice to live in her car asked Ephraim to make extensive repairs on her automobile, which we did.  We also provided a solar-powered generator for a car as well as a membership at L.A. Fitness so the woman could shower daily. Lastly, we helped her apply for her stimulus check.

Relocated to Find Home and Work.  We found a man who could only speak Arabic sleeping outside St. George Orthodox Church.  The Ephraim Project located a translator to help us determine how best to assist him. We relocated the man to San Diego, where he had the promise of both a job and home. We also supplied him with transportation to the bus station and with money and meals for the three-day bus ride.

Masks for Impoverished Students.  The Ephraim Project discovered scores of students (some homeless) in an inner-city high school. The students desired to return to an in-school learning environment so that they could have a meal once a day.  However, they could not afford to purchase the required masks. The Ephraim Project provided hundreds of N95 masks for these students.

Grants to Serve the Homeless and Hungry.  We discontinued our meal service to the homeless and hungry on April 30, 2020.  However, during the last eight months of the year, we provided 16 grants to ministries that fed the homeless (e.g., via food trucks) and to others struggling with food insecurity.

Families Sheltered & Rent/Utility Subsidies.  Thanks to two special grants, The Ephraim Project had the privilege of helping shelter five families, impacting 18 people and providing 22 rent/utility subsidies to help people stay in their homes during 2020’s pandemic. In addition, we participated in nine “Make it a Home” projects. Once an individual or family is removed from the streets, we work with them to help make their new space a home by supplying furniture, household items, dishes, cookware, linens, and other items.