Meals served

In 2020, we served 6,524 guests 6,927 meals during the first four months of the year.  Due to COVID-19, we discontinued our meal service to the homeless on April 30, 2020.

Medical equipment provided

We provided medical equipment (e.g., wheelchairs, electronic scooters, canes, walkers) for nine people.


Shoes and articles of clothing distributed

We distributed 9,859 articles of clothing and 190 pairs of shoes in 2020.  Most of these items were distributed during the first four months of the year before COVID-19 social distancing requirements were enacted.


Families sheltered and

rent subsidies

We provided emergency, transitional, and permanent housing for four families, impacting 14 people. In addition to housing, we provided 11 rent or utility subsidies in 2020.


Toiletry items dispensed

We dispensed 6,594 hygiene items to the homeless. This humanitarian aid helped some of Orlando's poorest residents maintain their dignity and self-worth in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

We provided three monthly bus passes for people to get back and forth to work until they could pay for their own transportation or secure a bike.

Bus Pass 2.png


Bus passes



We relocated one man in 2020, moving him from Orlando to San Diego, where he had the promise of a job and a home.  This brings our total to 72 relocations since 2012.


in SSI benefits recovered

Since 2009, we have won 37 Social Security Disability or Veterans cases, recovering $1.8 million in benefits for our homeless clients, effectively removing them from the streets for the remainder of their lives. Additional services to the homeless included:

  • Filling prescriptions and medical equipment for the sick

  • Supplying bicycles

  • Purchasing cell phones for working clients

  • Paying power bills, security deposits, and storage fees

  • Provided gasoline gift cards

  • Provided work books, uniforms, and paid license fees for people who secured jobs

Car Repairs



“Make it a Home” Projects:


Some homeless people need their cars to get back and forth to work.  For others, their car is their home.  We helped repair 7 cars, trucks, vans or SUVs during 2020.

Once an individual or family is off the streets, we work to help them make their new space a home by supplying furniture, household items, dishes, cookware, linens, and other items.