Meals served

In 2019, we served 14,719 guests, 17, 650 meals—that’s nearly 340 men, women, and children weekly.

Medical equipment provided

We provided medical equipment (e.g., wheelchairs, canes, walkers) for eight people.


Shoes and articles of clothing distributed

We distributed 22,698 items of clothing, including blankets, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, towels, wash cloths—all free of charge. Additionally, we gave away 579 pairs of new or lightly used tennis shoes, work boots, and dress shoes for those in need. 


Toiletry items dispensed


Families sheltered and

rent subsidies

We provided permanent, transitory, or emergency housing for 9 families, impacting 25 people. In addition to finding housing for people, we provided 13 rent subsidies, impacting 12 people.

We dispensed 6,594 hygiene items to the homeless.  We also provided scores of haircuts for men and women. This humanitarian aid helped some of Orlando's poorest residents maintain their dignity and self-worth in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

We provided 15 bus passes -- 2 daily , 7 weekly, 6 monthly -- for homeless men and women to travel to job interviews, doctors’ appointments, and to take care of other necessary business.



We relocated three people to other cities where they had a home or job waiting.  This brings our total to 71 relocations since 2012.


in SSI benefits recovered

Since 2009, we have won 36 Social Security Disability or Veterans cases, recovering $1.8 million in benefits for our homeless clients, effectively removing them from the streets for the remainder of their lives. Additional services to the homeless included:

  • Filling prescriptions and medical equipment for the sick

  • Supplying bicycles

  • Purchasing cell phones for working clients

  • Paying power bills, security deposits, and storage fees

  • Provided gasoline gift cards

  • Provided work books, uniforms, and paid license fees for people who secured jobs

Christmas Event

8th Annual

In December, we hosted our annual Christmas meal for the homeless, where we also gave away bus passes, gift cards, backpacks, and lots of other items.

In 2019, 10 people prayed with us to receive Christ for the first time; two people rededicated their lives.  These decisions for Christ make a total of 237 since 2009 (145 salvations and 92 rededications). We also distributed 282 Bibles to the homeless in 2019, for a total of 3,930 since 2009.


Decisions for Christ


Bus passes

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