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Ways to Support the Work We Do

Some children and their families are severely impoverished and have many needs. So, your financial donations will be used to provide shelter, food, clothing, and shoes for the family.  Your donation can buy uniforms, books, school supplies, and transportation to and from school for families who cannot afford these expenses. Sometimes, our children require medical attention.  Your financial donation can help pay for a doctor’s exam, surgery, eyeglasses, dental care—whatever the children need in the way of healthcare.  Your financial donation may also be used to purchase a mattress and bedding for the child (and an elderly grandmother who is his/her guardian) to remove them both from the cold ground.


You may join us in investing in the future of BCI and its graduates.  In this case, your donation may be used to help pay for the college tuition of a BCI student who scored exceptionally well on their national exam, and now is studying to become a medical doctor, an architect, engineer, or a professional of some kind.  Presently, we have two graduates on the medical track.  We are helping them become doctors to aid us in running the medical clinic we are building on BCI’s Bethlehem campus. Part of their internships and residencies will be with us.  We also have BCI graduates who are now architects and engineers and who work directly for us on building projects (e.g., medical facility, orphanage for homeless children in Addis Abba, etc.)  


$5,000 to $10,000

With permission from the donor, donations between $5,000 to $10,000 will be used to purchase large scale-items the school and/or students need to function (e.g., color copier, laptops, commercial printers, science lab equipment, etc.)


$10,000 to $30,000

With permission from the donor, donations between $10,000 and $30,000 will be used to help pay shipping costs and fees for Blessing the Children imports from Canada to feed the children.  Today it costs roughly $30,000 to import one million, highly nutritious donated meals from Canada.  These meals last between three and four months.



With permission from the donor, we’d like to direct these funds to help with longer-term needs of our students and the two academies.  For example, we are in the process of building a medical clinic on BCI’s Bethlehem campus to serve our 2,500 students.  The clinic will also be used to provide income to the school by serving the larger community of Debre Zeyit. 

A donor may also have an interest in helping us establish our skills-building, training classes. In addition to regular school, we try to teach special skills to our older students such as brick-making, masonry, glass-cutting, auto mechanics, coffee manufacturing so that they can become self-sustaining.  These training classes can also provide income for the schools as we offer our services to the larger community.

Ways to Give










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