Your help, alone, is powerful. But imagine the collective impact you can make in your community by enlisting the help of your friends, family members, and neighbors! There are many ways to start a fundraising campaign to help Central Florida's hurting and homeless. Here are just a few ideas on how you can engage others to make a difference in someone else's life.







Have a birthday coming up? Why not ask friends to collect canned goods, purchase hygiene products, or make a donation to the Ephraim Project instead of buying you a gift.

Getting married? Celebrating an anniversary? Planning a baby shower? Make the event even more special by asking your guests to donate instead of registering for gifts.

Instead of appetizers or wine, what if you asked your guests to bring a donation to your next dinner party or soiree?

Training for a marathon, triathlon, or 5k? Ask your friends to show their support by making donations? Or organize a charity walk/run or a tournament to benefit the homeless.

Enlist your rotary club, lodge, Bible study, or classroom to work together on a fundraiser for the homeless. 

You make the world's best chocolate chip cookies. Start a bake sale! You can sing, dance, or act. Host a talent show! With your creative genius, the fundraising possibilities are limitless.